May 6, 2024
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Personal Benefits from Business Travel with Safara

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If traversing the country (or globe) plays a significant part in your job, you’re likely well-attuned to the wide array of business travel hacks out there. The most seasoned of road warriors and frequent fliers have concocted intricate systems to ensure these trips are optimized from start to finish. 
Gamification becomes part of the fun, especially if you’re also a
points hacker
—from using every square inch of carry-on space to maximizing credit card points to securing the top airline status. But if you’re employed at a company with unmanaged travel, you may be overlooking one of the best hotel rewards programs for business travelers - Safara. 
Here are three reasons why Safara should be your first choice for booking hotels for business travel.
1. Earn up to 10% back for personal use instantly.
When you book your business travel through Safara, the cashback hits your account as soon as the hotel reservation is confirmed. Your growing stockpile of Safara credits is readily accessible when it’s time to book your off-the-clock vacation.
2. Honor your company’s preferred partnerships.
The extensive Safara hotel network includes a wide range of boutique, luxury, and lifestyle properties. If you’re obligated to book with a major hotel portfolio or franchise, we’ve got those reservations waiting.
3. Great rates will keep the finance team off your back.
You’ll always find the best pricing on Safara. This means you get all the benefits without your company getting price-gouged.
Putting up that OOO reply feels even sweeter when you know all those trips to St. Louis earned you the top tier of
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