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  • Kasbah Tamadot Hotel

    Kasbah Tamadot

  • Hotel Jermone

    Hotel Jerome, An Auberge Resort

  • Viceroy Snowmass

    Viceroy Snowmass

    Snowmass Village
  • Le Hameau Albert 1er Chamonix

    Le Hameau Albert 1er


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  • PUBLIC Hotel New York

    PUBLIC Hotel

    New York
  • 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

    1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

    New York
  • 11 Howard Hotel

    11 Howard

    New York
  • The William Vale Hotel

    The William Vale

    New York
  • The Hoxton Williamsburg

    The Hoxton Williamsburg

    New York

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Booking a curated location gave us the peace of mind that we would be getting a great hotel and travel experience.
Libby Rasmussen
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TBH I didn’t really expect to use it

It truly solves the exact problem I have all the time: I‘m traveling to a place I haven’t been before and I just want a simple UI with a curated set of places I know I’ll enjoy staying in. So far it works every time so I keep coming back!
James L
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You are amazing, thank you so much

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys / this service! The easiest thing for me to recommend.
@aubrey.schoenekase avatar

Travel is very near and dear to me

Had a trip coming up and was going through a few other sites trying to book my hotel. After hearing about Safara and trying it out, the experience was so much better.
Joe B
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The best loyalty program!

We never pay full price because we keep getting money back.
Jess B
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Unlike any other travel app!

They have the best curated selection of hotels across the world and one of the best loyalty programs I have ever experienced.
Alyssa F
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Curation + Cashback

Name a More Iconic Duo

  • up to 10% cashback, every booking, every hotel
  • highly-vetted curation of the world's best hotels
  • 1M bookable properties for flexibility and selection
  • no blackout dates, no hidden fees
  • incredible customer service
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We calculate the emissions on each booking based on length of stay, location, and property category then automatically make fractional contributions to trusted carbon credit projects to neutralize the impact.
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How Curation Works

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The top recommendations from the Safarist community and personally vetted + endorsed by our team.
Hidden Gem
These hotels stand out for value, hospitality, and/or design, but are generally under the radar.
Press Pick
Recommended by industry leaders like Condé Nast, Goop, Travel + Leisure, and featured in "Best of Lists" by experts we trust.

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The Community Behind the Curation

  • Babba C Rivera

    Founder & CEO, Ceremonia@babbaBabba Rivera
  • Ted Gushue

    Digital Media Consultant & Photographer@tedgushueTed Gushue posing himself next to the classic car
  • Naomi Walkland

    Vice President, Bumble@naomiwalklandNaomi Walkland
  • Sophia Li

    Journalist & Film Director@sophfei
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