Oct 6, 2022
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A Holistic Nutritionist's Guide to Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina resident Jacqueline “Jac” Genova is the creator of the health and wellness blog
and a certified holistic nutritionist. What started as an attempt to resolve some of her own health problems and help her mother battle cancer, evolved into an intense interest in holistic healing alternatives.
As Jac discovered the power of holistic healing, food as medicine, and mindfulness practices through personal experience and research for her college thesis, she also became very passionate about sharing what she was learning with others. Now, she regularly shares research-based and inspirational content along with a range of useful wellness tips on her blog and
After graduating from Babson College, Jac lived in Boston for another four years before deciding to venture south. She had heard about Greenville, SC from a friend, visited on a whim and was immediately captivated by this beautiful small city. Jac describes Greenville as a hidden gem, and with its delicious food and many natural wonders, one she is grateful to call her home.
Read on for Jac’s personal guide to Greenville!

Where to Stay in Greenville

Where do you recommend staying?

Grand Bohemian Lodge
 is new and absolutely stunning - it kind of reminds me of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. It's also in an incredible location, as it’s right in
Falls Park on the Reedy River
(a beautiful set of waterfalls just beyond downtown). Greenville is such a walkable city, and this hotel is also within walking distance of some of my favorite restaurants and picturesque sights and stops.

Where to Eat & Drink

What are your go-to spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Greenville?

For breakfast or brunch,
Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar
Green Fetish
. At Tupelo Honey, I get the All I ‘Avo’ Wanted eggs benedict (poached eggs with avocado and hollandaise sauce). At Green Fetish, you can’t go wrong with literally any of their bowls - all amazing!
For dinner,
The Lazy Goat
. Soby’s Grilled 60 South Salmon is the best salmon I’ve ever had, plus it’s wild caught. Be sure to get that or the braised beef short ribs. At The Lazy Goat, I typically go for the Zarzuela de Mariscos or the grilled angus beef coulotte.
Note: Soby’s definitely stands out more for its food, while the Lazy Goat stands out for their location. Your call!
Green Fetish
The Lazy Goat
Green Fetish // The Lazy Goat

Is there anywhere you’d recommend for a great solo dinner? Why is it perfect for those traveling alone?

I’m all for enjoying a great solo dinner at
. It’s more of a luxury, treat-yourself type of place - self-care at its finest. 


What’s your favorite coffee shop in Greenville?

Hands down,
Coffee Underground
. They make an awesome, smooth cold brew (I get mine with a splash of almond milk). Their location is also super cool and has a great vibe, considering it’s quite literally underground. 
Because I’m a wellness enthusiast, I also go crazy for any type of juice bar. From their tasty juices and smoothies to their pre-made healthy snacks and treats, I love everything about
Southern Pressed Juicery


To get to know the culture of a place, are you drawn to architecture, street art, museums, galleries, historical sites, or something else?

I’ve found that I get to know the culture of a place by simply walking around and observing. I do appreciate a city’s history (especially after living in Boston), and I enjoy learning about the architecture, as well as the past and future plans for a city’s development. 
I really enjoy visiting the
Greenville Farmers Market
during summer Saturdays as well. It’s a great place to meet local people and learn about and support small businesses within the community.
Greenville Farmers Market
Greenville Farmers Market


What’s your workout of choice in Greenville?

I discovered a love for hiking a few years ago that’s truly blossomed since I moved to Greenville, which isn’t far from the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. I also enjoy walking the stunning, 22-mile
Swamp Rabbit Trail
. It’s easy to be active in Greenville - on weekends, I usually hit 30k steps a day. 
If you’re more of a gym person, check out
Swamp Rabbit Crossfit
and book a training session with Maddy. 


What’s your idea of a great night out in Greenville?
A great meal followed by some live music!
UP on the Roof
has one of the most beautiful views of the city, and
Southernside Brewing Co.
has great music!

What’s the dress code? 

The dress code is whatever you want it to be! For the most part, people tend to dress pretty casually.
Southernside Brewing Co.
Up on the Roof
Southernside Brewing Co. // Up on the Roof

R&R in Greenville

If we’re going for a full spa experience, where’s the place?

AO-The Space
is a great, full-service day spa in Greenville offering everything from massages and skincare to hair and nails. While not technically in Greenville, I also have
The Spa at the Omni Grove Park Inn
in Asheville on my bucket list. It’s world-renowned and only about an hour and 20 minutes away by car.

What’s your idea of the most relaxing and restorative thing to do in Greenville?

Grabbing a smoothie and a book, sitting down by Falls Park on the Reedy, and enjoying the sounds of nature.

Working in Greenville

To log on for a Zoom meeting, or answer a few emails, where’s your go-to spot?

Spill the Beans
. It’s an ice cream/coffee shop that is also right by the Reedy River.

If you have a full day on your laptop ahead, where’s the place you get your best work done?

Coffee Underground. The vibe is awesome and always seems to make me more productive, which is probably why a lot of people come here to work. 


Where in Greenville are you taking someone super special?

For a stroll over
Liberty Bridge
- the picturesque bridge that crosses the Reedy River above the waterfalls.
Liberty Bridge

Tips & Extras

What’s the one piece of essential info you need to know when planning a trip to Greenville?

Bring sneakers! Also, try to plan for a fall trip when the weather isn’t as hot, as it does get pretty toasty in the summer.
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