Jul 12, 2022
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A World Traveler's Guide to Menorca

Blanca P. is an NYC resident with a ceaseless passion for design, fashion, food, art, and most of all, travel. She channels her creative side into her 
Instagram page
, which is dedicated to her jet-setting and eye for aesthetics.
Blanca lives for travel and adventure, and she prides herself on being a citizen of the world. When she’s creating unique travel experiences for herself and others, Blanca’s love of art, culture, fashion, and food always finds its way into her planning. When she travels, she strives for an all-encompassing experience – one that’s not just about where she is, but also where she’s staying, what she’s eating and drinking, and whom she is interacting with.
Blanca has fallen in love with many destinations around the world, one of which is Menorca. Read on for her insider tips on food, accommodation, nightlife, and more. 
Blanca P
Blanca P


What are your favorite hotels in Menorca?

Hotel Torralbenc
 is the best hotel on the island. If you’re planning on relaxing the whole time and not leaving your hotel, this is the perfect place for you! It’s virtually impossible not to take highly instagrammable photos here. And there is also a spa and a vineyard onsite that are worth a visit.
Tip: Even if you don’t plan on staying here, you can book a reservation for lunch or dinner. The food is great, but the ambiance, interiors, and views are even better!
Hotel Sa Barrera
 is the best place to stay if you’re planning to explore the island (this one is all about the location). Only a 5-10 minute walk from 
Cova d’en Xoroi
Cala’n Porter
, this place also has amazing views (best enjoyed with breakfast), and it’s only a 15-minute drive from Hotel Torralbenc.
Hotel Torralbenc
Hotel Sa Barrera
Hotel Torralbenc // Hotel Sa Barrera

Eat & Drink

Where are your go-to spots to eat & drink in Menorca?

 I typically have breakfast at the hotel since it’s usually included with my stay. I like to keep it light, that way I can indulge more for lunch and dinner. All you really need is a good cup of coffee and a view! 
 is not only beautiful (think all white interior, architectural details, and spectacular views of the blue Mediterranean sea), but it also provides direct access to 
Cala Morell!
 Try to get there early, though – it’s first come, first serve. 
The restaurant in Hotel Torralbenc
 is the best, though more so for the ambiance than the food (the portions are a bit small, but the food is good and the presentation is stunning!). The restaurant is also outdoors, with views of the vineyard, garden, and pool. The vibe is calm and very relaxing – perfect for an intimate, romantic date night or a solo dinner under the stars. 
Tip: It’s quite popular, so I recommend making a reservation.

What do you order? 

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Spanish cuisine! My favorites are: 
paella, fabada, pulpo, boquerones, melon con jamon, 
 patatas bravas
 – to name a few. The seafood in Menorca is also so fresh – it’s a must for every meal! 
The restaurant at Hotel Torralbenc
The restaurant at Hotel Torralbenc // Ivette 


What’s your workout of choice here?

The hikes to the Calas are well worth it! Stunning views and a great workout. Just don’t forget to bring water and to wear the right shoes. 
A swim or dip in the sea is also a must – it’s the most refreshing. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there are also lots of caves you can swim to and explore.


What’s your idea of a great night out in Menorca?

A party in a cave… literally. 
Cova d’en Xoroi
 is the best club/bar in all of Menorca, and it’s got the best views of the Mediterranean! Arrive as the sun is setting and stay through the night.
Here you can find me sipping cava at sunset hour with one of my best friends, catching up on life and soaking in the unobstructed views of the Mediterranean. Then it’s time to dance, drink, take photos, meet someone (or maybe a few someones) new, and brush up on my Español. 

What’s the dress code?

I’m wearing either a dress from 
 or a flowy top from 
Caroline Constas
 denim shorts and lace-up sandals. 


If there’s one shot that sums up Menorca, what is it?

Cala Macarelleta
 – take a picture on the cliff!

Tips & Extras

What’s the one piece of essential info you need to know when planning a trip to Menorca? 

Go to the Calas! 
Cala Macarella and Macarelleta
 are my favorites. It’s quite a hike (literally!) and you might need a car, too, if your hotel isn’t close by, but it’s definitely worth the trip. I promise, you will have the best swim (or dip) of your life! And be sure to take lots of pictures (very Instagram worthy, no filter needed). 
Also, travel with someone who can drive and rent a car. And wake up and get on the road early – the Calas get packed quickly!

What’s the tip you tell everyone? 

Travel light, especially in Europe. I usually travel with just a carry-on – it’s doable, I promise!
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