Nov 20, 2022
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An Insider's Guide to Todos Santos

Alyssa Donato
 is an astral guide using astrogeography and astrology to help thousands of people reconnect to their sense of home and where they are most energetically aligned to live, travel, elope, and frequent on holiday. 
Through her website, The Astral Academy, Alyssa’s offerings are based on astral awareness through spiritual exploration and the tool of astrology. She has also hosted spiritual retreats throughout the U.S. and shares valuable mindfulness tips and wellness information on her various social platforms.
Alyssa has spent her life living all over the East and West Coasts, calling places from San Diego to Philadelphia home. She now resides in Portland, OR, though she continues to be an active global traveler.
Some of Alyssa’s travel highlights include driving Iceland’s 825-mile Ring Road in the dead of winter, traveling to almost all 50 states (only Alaska, Louisiana, and the Dakotas left to go), sailing for weeks around the Greek isles, and visiting the culturally-rich city of Todos Santos, Mexico. 
Alyssa loves Todos Santos for its relaxed yet vibrant way of life, strong connection with nature, and unique art scene (among other things). Read on for her personal recs for the best things to do in Todos Santos!
Alyssa Donato
Alyssa Donato
Alyssa Donato Alyssa Donato

Where to Stay in Todos Santos

What are your top three hotels in Todos Santos?

Hotel Casa Tota
 is a small, modern boutique hotel that’s perfect for those popping into town for a few days after getting out of Cabo. By preserving the original building, they have maintained a historic and charming feel. This hotel is located downtown, making it easy to walk or do most things in the center. 
Hotel San Cristóbal
 is effortlessly the cool kids club – beachfront, with the smell of copal and sea water, and the most expansive views of the ocean. It’s decorated everywhere with natural fibers and is impeccably clean. The property is also at the end of a dirt road, and there’s a great hike just behind the hotel.
Paradero Todos Santos
 is total luxury in the high desert of Baja, but still within walking distance to the beach. It feels like a complete nervous system reset – no wires or phones, just a deep rest in nature. It’s full of mindfulness activities, too: sweat lodge, sound bath, yoga, etc. The half moon pool is so refreshing and deeply nourishing and the all-day ambient spa music is incredibly relaxing. To connect with the land they are tending on this property is a very immersive experience. 
Hotel Santo Cristobal
Paradero Todos Santos
Hotel Santo Cristobal // Paradero Todos Santos

Where to Eat & Drink in Todos Santos

Where are your go-to spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Todos Santos? 

For breakfast, 
Jazamango Café
La Esquina
. Both places have some of the best pancakes in town, but at Jazamango you can also get a good coconut matcha to accompany your sweet-corn pancakes. 
For lunch, 
Pacifica Fish Market
. This is a place I will return to again and again. The staff are fun and helpful, the ingredients are fresh, and the portions are fit for surfers. It’s the perfect spot to stop after a surf or swim, and maybe my favorite place to eat in Todos Santos. The owner is great and you can really feel the love for the ocean here. I get the fish taco trio and a lemonade!
OG Tacos
 has the best $1.50 tacos you can get – complete with a toppings bar full of amazing salsa options. Their burrito is also top notch. 
For dinner, try the wood-fired pizza at Jazamango Café. Really, you can’t go wrong with anything as their menu was put together by famous chef Javier Plascencia. Their produce is also all grown right on site, so don’t forget to grab a glass of wine and tour the gardens before dinner. 
5 Tacos & Beers
, let them pick the tacos for you – some of the absolute best street tacos! It’s a good place to grab a quick bite or a late-night snack, and they also deliver if you don’t have the energy to go out. If I’m starving, the hamburguesia is my second choice. The vibe here is super laid back, like you’re eating in a friend’s front yard – great for those traveling alone.
La Morena
 is a good place for vegans and vegetarians, and can be a nice change of pace when you’ve been eating fish tacos 24/7. Same with 
Pizzeria RomAntica
 is a newer spot, definitely upscale and popular with the art community of Todos Santos. We always get the oysters raw or rockefeller. Also, always check what’s on special, it’s usually something caught that day. The cocktails here are definitely the best we had in T.S., and it’s easily walkable from town.
Jazamango // Oystera

Is there anywhere you’d recommend for a great solo dinner?

Treat yourself at Oystera, and be sure to sit at the bar – this place is bustling so you’ll never really feel like you’re dining alone. 


What’s your favorite coffee shop in Todos Santos?

Agricole Cooperativa
 (even if it’s technically a grocer). It’s the perfect place to stop if you are heading to Cerritos to surf. Their pastries are SO DECADENT. I typically go for a frio Americano con leche and a chocolate concha. 


What’s your favorite type of shopping to do in Todos Santos?

Homegoods and sustainable goods.

Where do you go for the best of the above?

 is my favorite shop in town because it focuses on local makers and female creators from Mexico. The shop is curated so beautifully that it’s hard not to leave with something. The pieces are definitely one-of-a-kind and come from amazing artisans all over Baja and other parts of Mexico. A lot of their makers and contributors also use sustainable farming and sewing practices, which makes it a win-win.


To get to know the culture of Todos Santos, are you drawn to the architecture, street art, museums, galleries, historical sites, or something else?

The culture here is so rich. Most people who come to Baja travel to Cabo and that’s it. These parts of the coast, however, have such rich landscapes and communities. It’s a small town but it’s full of amazing gardeners, artisans, chefs, surfers, entrepreneurs, and everything in between. The art of Baja is unique, as well, and really encompasses the desert landscape.

What else do you get from immersing yourself in the culture here?

Relaxation. It’s always a great reminder to slow down and savor every moment. You quickly get on “Baja time,” as they say. 


What’s your workout of choice in Todos Santos?

Swimming or yoga.

Where’s the best place to do it and why?

A lot of the beaches in this part of town have a shore break, so if you’re going to be out swimming, it’s probably best if you’re a strong swimmer. For yoga, go to 
Cuatro Vientos
 and take a class with Paulina. She’s the best!


What’s your idea of a great night out in Todos Santos?


What’s the dress code? How late are we staying out? 

The dress code is very bright, fun dresses or skirts. But we aren’t staying out too late – the city gets quiet early.

R&R in Todos Santos

If we’re going for a full spa experience, where’s the place?

Head to the 
Ojo de Agua Spa & Wellness Center
 at the Paradero hotel.

If we want to see a specialist, who should we book ahead with?

Alejandra of 
Todos Santos Massage
 makes you feel like you’re melting in the best way possible. Her hands are like magic and she’ll come to you. After you arrive or during your trip, it’s great to give your body some extra attention. And if you’re swimming or surfing a lot, be sure to ask her for a cupping treatment. This was by far one of the best massage treatments I’ve ever had, and there have been many. 
Todos Santos Massage
Ojo de Agua Spa & Wellness Center
Todos Santos Massage // Ojo de Agua Spa & Wellness Center

What’s your idea of the most relaxing and restorative thing to do in Todos Santos?

For the most relaxing experience, go for the sound healing at Paradero. 


To log-on for a Zoom meeting, or answer a few emails, where’s your go-to spot?

Coffee Las Tunas
 has a great outdoor space, it’s nicely decorated, and has great coffee.

If you have a full day at the laptop ahead, where’s the place to get your best work done in Todos Santos?

Since the weather is so nice, most hotels really go for curated outdoor spaces. It’s great to just walk outside and get to work in a beautiful environment beneath some shade.


Is there anything cool happening with a nod to the environment in Todos Santos?

Beach turtle season! There are conservation agencies all over, but 
Tortugueros Las Playitas
 releases hatchlings from December to April – such a great way to keep the turtle population thriving.

Are there any hotels you could recommend with great eco-credentials?

 is definitely the most eco-friendly option I’ve found so far in Baja. When they built it they really considered the natural landscape, it’s practically invisible from the road. They really kept the integrity of the desert with the sand. There’s no grass, so no extra watering is needed. 
They don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean their rooms, either – which is incredibly hard to find. A lot of their dining is farm to table, and there aren’t any single-use plastics or disposable containers, which is SO refreshing coming from the U.S. Plus the landscape is full of native plants. I’d say these folks are doing something right, because it was the most relaxed I’ve felt in awhile. 

Are there any stores who are championing a more environmentally friendly outlook that we should know about?

Pura Vida
! Best spot in town for sustainable goods all made by local artisans. They have a great bulk section, too that you can shop from if you’re staying for an extended period of time. 

For the best that nature has to offer, where should we go?

Walk Playa Los Mangos at sunset. 

Postcards from Todos Santos

Which locations in Todos Santos are going on your Instagram highlight reel?

The tide pools and surf breaks at Cerritos Beach, Agricole Cooperativa (my favorite market possibly ever), Paradero, and Jazamango Café.

Where’s the best backdrop for a picture that can be your new profile?

The beach at Playa Los Mangos.

Tips & Extras

What have we missed?

A day-trip option: Todos Santos is only ~1.5 hours north of Cabo, so if you’re wanting to get out on the water and do a day of ocean adventuring, go find 
Alexander Schmidt Márquez
 and join one of his Baja Safaris. You’ll see whales, turtles, dolphins, and so much more. The boat leaves from the marina in Cabo, which happens to be one of the best backdrops in Baja. 

What’s the one piece of essential info you need to know when planning a trip to Todos Santos?

It’s hot and you need a car, although the roads aren’t paved everywhere.

What’s the tip you tell everyone?

Go out with Alex on his boat.

What’s the tip you tell no-one?

A 4×4 can take you to some of the world’s most-beautiful beaches that you will have all to yourself, meaning nudity approved.
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