Dec 14, 2021
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Five Reasons to Visit Brooklyn's Greenpoint by a Fashion Stylist

 is originally from New Jersey, but now lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her husband (the man behind interiors mecca, 
The Somerset House
). Haley is a fashion stylist, with an incredible eye for cult brands. She’s worked with the likes of Moda Operandi, Timo Weiland and NYLON, to name a few. She’s also travel obsessed and loves nothing more than booking a trip to explore somewhere new or revisit a favorite destination. Her guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is a checklist of cool places that feel properly local. 
Part of our Five Reasons series, here you’ll find the most local of tips – from unique hotels to small businesses and secret spots (we trust you to keep these on the DL). Because, we firmly believe there’s no better way to get to know a place than when guided by someone who knows it best.
Read on for Haley’s favorite places to eat, drink, stay, and shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Where you live: 
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Where you’re from
: New Jersey
What you do:
 Fashion stylist, travel enthusiast
Five reasons to visit Greenpoint, Brooklyn

The food

For brunch, my ultimate favorite in Greenpoint is 
 They do an amazing seasonal mezze brunch that is so fun to enjoy with a group of friends.  For drinks,
 Archilles Heel
 is a must. It’s off the beaten track in Greenpoint and makes you feel like you’ve found a true treasure. From the crew behind 
Marlow & Sons
, it’s a bar that makes you feel cooler than you are – sipping on a whiskey, tucked away in a private booth, with an amazing soundtrack humming in the background.

The donuts

Yes, donuts get their own separate section. It’s not a trip to Greenpoint without indulging in donuts and coffee at 
Peter Pan
. I love sitting at the counter of this old-school bakery, pretending it’s the 1950s.

The hotel

The Wythe Hotel is where I recommend my out of town friends and family to stay. It has the right amount of boutique charm, an amazing rooftop bar, and a great restaurant. Its technically in North Williamsburg, but it makes for the perfect location to walk through the park into all your Greenpoint adventures.

The store

I absolutely love 
, a coffee shop / plant and home store. They have great coffee and the sweetest bouquets, which make you want to fill your home with flowers.
Dream Fish and Tackle
 is my favorite for vintage home and furniture finds in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, plus records – and fish and tackle! This is a father-daughter run operation and lends itself to some serious treasure hunting.

The thing to do

New Love City
 is a great yoga studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The instructors all have different styles and I’ve learned to love each one of them. The serene space is so gorgeous that half the time, my mind ends up wandering to imagine how I would design the studio if it were my own apartment. A girl can dream!
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