Dec 22, 2021
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Five Reasons to Visit NYC's Greenwich Village

Negar Mohammadi
 is a former Vogue brand director and now a freelance creative strategist and founder of natural vegan haircare brand 
14th Night
 (she’s also a Safara Insider). She hails from Chicago, but has called Downtown Manhattan home for years and is our go-to guide for all things Greenwich Village. She’s also an awesome surfer, spending as much time as she can by the sea. 
Part of our Five Reasons series, here you’ll find the most local of tips – from unique hotels to small businesses and secret spots (we trust you to keep these on the DL). Because, we firmly believe there’s no better way to get to know a place than when guided by someone who knows it best.
Read on for Negar’s favorite places to eat, drink, stay, and shop in Greenwich Village, NYC.
Greenwich Village, NYC
: Chicago
 Former Brand Marketing Director at Vogue US, now freelance creative brand strategist and founder of 
14th Night

Five reasons to visit Greenwich Village, NYC

The coffee 

An early morning espresso at 
il Buco Alimentari & Vineria
 can’t be beaten. It’s my go-to in the Greenwich Village area, if not all of NYC. 

The food 

Any of the vegan ice creams at 
Van Leeuwen
 – cookie crumble, strawberry jam is my favorite. Before dessert, I love 
 for its lemon pasta, Vermentino wine and outdoor seating.

The hotel

The Marlton Hotel
 is great – I love its cocktail bar and cozy fireplace. My drink order is an Address Unknown, which is made with mezcal, Ancho Reyes chilli liqueur, coconut and pineapple – it’s amazing.

The culture

I went to NYU for business school and love the 
Grey Art Gallery
 near there.  It has an incredible collection of Persian art, including some of my favorite pieces from artist and architect, 
Siah Armajani
Grey Art Gallery
Siah Armajani
Grey Art Gallery // Siah Armajani

The thing to do

Modo Yoga
 is my favorite yoga studio in Greenwich Village, NYC. The owners Karine and Lawrence are the absolute best. I also love visiting the Washington Square Dog Park with my friend’s adorable pomski.
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