Sept 22, 2022
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Five Reasons to Visit Paris by a Vintage Stylist

Gabriella Arencibia is the founder of 
, an online vintage boutique selling thrifted finds from around the world and offering sustainable styling services. Utilizing her extensive background in fashion merchandising and styling, Gabriella started a fashion blog in 2016, which she restyled and relaunched into the online storefront that she now runs with her sister and business partner, Michelle Garcea.
Gabriella is a Chicago gal through and through, but she loves to take a break from The Windy City to explore the world. Some of her travel highlights to date have been Turkey, where she got to see the Hagia Sophia from the European side of Istanbul and visit a 1,500-year-old mosque; a leisurely, star-lit night drive down the Amalfi Coast; and last but certainly not least, vintage shopping in Paris.
Gabriella feels an undeniable magic every time she visits Paris. Read on for her top five reasons to visit The City of Light.
Gabriella Arencibia
Gabriella Arencibia

Five Reasons to Visit Paris: 

The Neighborhoods

My top three would be the 7th arrondissement, Île Saint-Louis, and Montmartre. The history, the architecture, the cafes & restaurants – what’s not to love?

The Hotels

Le Meurice
 is very nice if you’re looking for a stay fit for royalty (or just to pop over for a 5-star meal). 
Le Pigalle
 is also very well located, has a great vibe, and a true local feel. 
Le Meurice
Le Pigalle
Le Meurice // Le Pigalle

The Food

For a quick on-the-go breakfast, 
La Tour Maubourg
 has a standing section of their restaurant that makes it easy to grab a crepe cone to eat while you walk. I love the Nutella banana, a classic.
For lunch, don’t miss 
Le Saint-Regis
 in Île Saint-Louis. I would order escargot, fries, and an Aperol spritz to snack on while enjoying some people watching. This place is small but mighty, and sits on such a beautiful corner overlooking the bridge. Service is top tier but the food is even better. 
For dinner, I love 
Le Bistrot Paul Bert
 in the 11th arrondissement. It’s a quaint bistro that gives you the cozy feeling of home but with a Parisian charm. Everything they serve is good, so you really can’t go wrong. For the red meat lovers, they have a great creamy pepper steak. For an after dinner treat, don’t skip out on their giant macaron cake. 

The Shopping

My favorite type of shopping, of course, is vintage!
The best place for it in Paris? Le Marais baby! Paris’s very own boystown (a Chicago reference for those who don’t know) is filled with vibrant, colorful painted streets and some of the best vintage shops in the city. Amazing prices, killer finds.

The Culture

The architecture, the energy, the art, the history – it all draws me in. Everything about Parisian culture makes me feel truly alive. I love walking through the streets and checking out the street art throughout the city, particularly in the 11th arrondissement. For a more classic cultural experience, I go to the Palace of Versailles. Every time I step inside, I feel instantly transported to a more decadent time.
The Culture
The Culture
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