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  • Safara Rewards

    • What is Safara Rewards?
      With every booking made through Safara, you earn cashback to use towards future trips. The more you travel with Safara, the more you earn. Safara Rewards status tiers:
      • Safarist
        : earn 2.5% cashback on your first $1,000 spend (calendar year)
      • Safarist Select
        : earn 5% cashback on your next $2,500 spend (calendar year)
      • Safarist Reserve
        : earn 10% cashback on all spend after that for the rest of the calendar year
      Qualifying spend and cashback are based on the aggregate room rate of a booking, exclusive of taxes and fees.
    • How much cashback do I get?
      Cashback is based on annual spend, so it is possible for one booking to fall within multiple Safara Rewards tiers.
      Example 1: Let's say you have Safarist status and are making your first booking of the calendar year, and you make a reservation for 4 nights at a room rate of $500/night. In this case you will earn $75 cashback (2.5% cashback on the first $1,000 + 5% cashback on the remaining $1,000).
      Example 2: Let's say you have Safarist Select status with $2,000 so far in calendar year spend, and you make a reservation for 4 nights at a room rate of $500/night. In this case you will earn $125 cashback on that booking (5% cashback on the first $1,500 + 10% cashback on the remaining $500).
    • When does my Safara Rewards status expire?
      The qualification period for Safara Rewards status is January 1 through December 31. Status benefits begin as soon as you qualify and continue through the following calendar year. For example, if you earn Reserve status in March 2024, your Reserve status will continue through December 31, 2025. Then, your spend in 2025 will determine your status in 2026, and so on.
  • Referral Program

    • When does my referral receive their referral offer?
      Your referral will receive their referral offer immediately upon signing up through your referral link, and it will be available to use towards their first qualifying booking.
    • When do I receive my referral credit for referring a friend?
      You will receive your referral credit once your friend completes travel that meets the min spend associated with their referral offer.
      For example, if a referral offer is $20 off with a $500 min spend, you will receive your referral bonus when your friend checks out of their reservation totaling $500 or more.
    • Can referral offers be combined with other offers?
      No. Referral offers cannot be combined with any active welcome offers or other offers of any kind.
  • Safara Credits

    • When will the credits from my trip post?
      Credits post immediately upon booking and are available to use towards your next trip right away.
    • When do my credits expire?
      Expiration dates differ based on type of credit.
      • Promotional credits: Offered as part of a promotion run by Safara (ex. signup offer). These credits are valid for 30 days from signup, unless otherwise stated in the promo.
      • Referral credits: Offered to a customer that's referred by a friend when they sign up with their friend's referral link. The referred customer's credits are valid for 30 days from signup.
      • Earned credits: Offered in exchange for an action on the customer’s end (ex. cashback on Safara bookings, making a successful referral). These credits are valid for 2 years from the date of your last booking or from the day that you earned them, whichever is longer.
  • Changes and Cancellations

    • Can I make changes to my booking?
      Some changes to your booking are allowed at no cost (e.g. name correction, changes to preferences), while others may result in additional fees (e.g. changes to dates, room upgrades). Some changes may not be possible and may require cancellation and rebooking of the reservation (e.g. name change). Please contact for assistance with your specific change requests.
    • Can I cancel my booking?
      Yes, but while Safara does not charge any cancellation fees, the property might depending on the rate type booked. Please check the cancellation policy listed in your confirmation email or in the trips/reservations section of your Safara profile.
    • How do I cancel my booking?
      Select your booking within the trips/reservations section of the iOS app or website and select “cancel my booking” for self-serve cancellations. Or, contact our support team ( who will promptly assist you in canceling your reservation.
    • Where can I find the cancellation policy for my booking?
      Please check your confirmation email or the trips/reservations section of your profile on the Safara website or iOS app for details on the specific cancellation policy for each booking.
    • How do I know if my booking was canceled?
      You will receive a cancellation confirmation email once your booking has been canceled. You can also check the status of your bookings in the trips/reservations section of your profile on the Safara website or iOS app.
  • Payment and Refunds

    • When will my card be charged?
      Your card will be charged immediately upon booking.
    • When will I receive the refund for a canceled booking?
      Safara refunds your card for the refundable amount of your booking immediately upon cancellation. Your bank may take 7 to 10 days to process the transaction. For questions regarding status of your refund, please contact your bank directly.
    • How can I change a saved credit card?
      You can update your card on file by navigating to your Safara profile and clicking the “Wallet” tab on web or the "Payment Method" tab on the iOS app.
    • How can I request an invoice?
      You can find your payment breakdown in the booking details under the trips/reservations section of your profile on the Safara website or iOS app.
  • Booking Details

    • How do I get a copy of my confirmation email?
      To request a copy of your confirmation email, please contact You can also view your booking confirmation details in the trips/reservations section of your profile on the Safara website or iOS app.
    • How do I request extra services from the property?
      To request extra services such as early check-in / late check-out, transportation, meeting rooms, etc., please contact the property directly.
  • Availability

    • Where is Safara available?
      While hotels around the world can be booked through Safara, our platform is only currently available to customers based in the US.
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