May 17, 2022
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A City Guide to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a strong contender for the title of ‘the city that never sleeps’. Teeming with energy day and night, this condense urban metropolis is home to tech hubs and startups, alongside nine miles of Mediterranean beaches; the best of both worlds. Work hard, play hard is definitely the mantra. 
The atmosphere is super welcoming, one that makes you feel at home. Music, stories and food are shared between friends around tables on outdoor patios, by the sea, in the buzzing restaurants and cafes. The beauty of Tel Aviv is that the best food is usually found in the most understated settings; the street food is particularly good, and ingredients are market fresh. 
The city is a treat for the senses: you’ll find amazing architecture and art galleries, and the type boutique hotels we love. Read on for travel inspiration from Tel Aviv. 

Where to stay in Tel Aviv

Hotel Montefiore

Hotel Montefiore is one of our favorites, with just 12 rooms. If you don’t manage to book one, make sure to stop by for an afternoon drink. 

The Vera Hotel

The Vera Hotel has a minimalist, industrial-chic design that highlights the work of local Tel Aviv artisans, from soap makers to sculptors. It also has a strict zero plastic policy and is one of the most environmentally conscious hotels in Israel. Need we say more? 

The Norman

The Norman is a long-standing favorite hotel in Tel Aviv. Housed in two residences from the 1920’s, the rooms and suites give off homey, urban loft vibes. The rooftop infinity pool is perfect for those who want a break from the beach and take in some amazing skyline views. 
The Norman
The Vera
The Norman // The Vera

Where to eat & drink in Tel Aviv

Port Sa’id

An iconic restaurant behind the Great Synagogue that serves hip locals seated at tables spilling out onto the sidewalk and courtyard – order the eggplant and the sweet potato. 


A great spot for a romantic evening, tucked away under the treetops and hanging lamps. 


Specializing in all things breakfast, you should try the Shakshouka here.

Abu Hassan

While this cafe in the Jaffa area seems like a casual place, one thing they are meticulous about is their hummus. They make fresh batches several times throughout the day, and it’s served for breakfast (with an egg on top) and for lunch. Go around noon for a hummus-laden feast. 
Benedict // Bicicletta 

Best coffee in Tel Aviv


Cafelix is an artisan small batch coffee roaster from south Tel Aviv, and a local favorite. They prioritize transparency and traceability when sourcing their beans – they know most of the producers and growers personally, which helps to ensure high ethical and sustainable standards. It’s an ethos we are fully on board with. And one that makes for delicious coffee. 

Best bar in Tel Aviv

Speakeasy-style bars are something of a speciality in Tel Aviv, and you’ll find many brilliant rooftop bars behind discreet entrances. One of our favorites is the 
Speakeasy Rooftop Bar
 on Rothschild, which is perfect before or after dinner.

Where to shop in Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek

This area is filled with cute shops. Head to Shabazi Street for some of the best stores, especially at the end towards the seaside. Our favorite store is 
Boutique 77
, for a slick curation of designer men’s and womenswear.
When you’re done shopping, grab one of the best ice creams in Tel Aviv at 

Where to get a hit of culture

Bauhaus center

The best way to enjoy some culture in Tel Aviv is by walking, to take in the Bauhaus architecture that the city is known for. You can book a guided tour around the highlights, and pick up a coffee table book of Tel Aviv architecture to take home with you.

Where to day trip

Go to Jerusalem for a day and visit the Western Wall – note, dress respectfully. From there, you could continue to the Dead Sea if you set off early enough. Or settle in for lunch at 
, which is best booked in advance.

Where to party in Tel Aviv

We would start with a drink at rock’n’roll bar 
Denim Drinks First
, where the locals tend to hang out. Then, head over to 
Kuli Alma
, where you’ll find live music, good drinks, and a vintage store tucked away at the back. If the night goes according to plan, you should end by dancing into the early hours to electronic music at 
The Breakfast Club
Denim Drinks First
Kuli Alma
Denim Drinks First // Kuli Alma

Best place to buy gifts

There are so many markets in Tel Aviv where you can find great gifts. From the city center, you can walk to the Jaffa area in around 30 minutes (or jump in a cab), where the old town market is one of the best. 

Where to work out

Go for a walk or a run along the beach, which stretches out for 13km. You can also book water sports or join in on a volleyball session there. For something more chill, take a yoga class on the roof of 
The Vera Hotel
Where to Workout
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