Nov 20, 2021
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An Island Guide to Milos

Milos is what we wished Mykonos was like on a good day. It’s the lesser known Greek island with better beaches, better food, and way less tourists. Not insinuating that we don’t like a good visit to the party island – but if Mykonos was Beyonce, Milos would be Solange. You get what we are saying.
As warm-weather destinations go, Greece is always top of our list. And Milos does that quintessential white-washed houses and clear waters vibe like no other. Unlike Santorini, Crete, or any of the more popular islands, Milos is home to 72 incredible beaches and – we’d argue – a more interesting history (the statue of Aphrodite, now in the Louvre, was discovered here). 
Make sure you hire a car, too – the towns of Adamas, Pollonia, Plaka, Klima, and Mondrakia are all worth exploring. Read on for our guide to the beautiful Greek island of Milos.
Milos 1

Where to stay in Milos

Skinopi Lodge

High in the hills, you’ll find three discreet villas overlooking the bay. Constructed in modern glass and stone, they look like something out of 
Architectural Digest
 – a stark contrast to the more traditional buildings in Adamas and Pollonia. If you are seeking top design, attention to detail, and perfect seclusion, this is the place.

Kostantakis Winery & Residence

These well-designed rooms sit within a beautiful vineyard, the next best thing to being next to the water. It’s a small boutique hotel, so everything feels personal. And, of course, the wine cellars are amazing here. 

Salt Hotel

Located near Pollonia, Salt is all of our white-washed Grecian dreams come true. Only 1.5 miles from Papafragas beach, the location is pretty hard to beat. Some rooms come with jacuzzis on the decks, others with a patio overlooking the bay. Either way, bliss.
Salt Hotel

Where to eat in Milos

To Kyma

Though it isn’t technically on Milos, the short boat ride to Kimolos is worth it for this simple seaside taverna. Despite the fact that it takes pride in the no-frills atmosphere, it’s known to host the same celebrities as some of the best restaurants in NYC, London or Paris (the likes of Brad Pitt, Keira Knightly et al are regulars when vacationing in the Greek islands). Order the octopus and a variety of salads.

O Xamos

Set in a charming garden, this old-school restaurant is where you go when you want home-cooked Greek food. They are famous for their grilled meats, and with good reason. Make sure to get a side of grilled halloumi, too.


This is our favorite restaurant on the island. Arrive a little early, put your name on the list for a table (ask for one overlooking the sea), and go check out Mandrakia beach while you wait (it’s usually not too long). Serving the best seafood, make sure to order the octopus and a full bottle of white wine. Note: don’t mind the cats roaming around, it’s all part of the atmosphere.

Where to drink

Utopia Cafe

For the best sunset views and decent cocktails, head to Utopia. It’s in the hillside town of Plaka – which is lovely for a wander around the little shops. And, check ahead if you can, as opening hours are unpredictable and it’s a summer-only place. 

Kri Kri

Also located in Plaka, Kri Kri doesn’t serve the best drinks we’ve ever had, but it’s nice to stop at before or after dinner and the garden area is adorable. 

Kostantakis Winery

Have you tried Greek wine yet? Now’s your chance. Come here for a full tasting or just a glass, and walk the grounds while you drink to really soak up the terroir.
Kostantakis Winery

Where to get coffee in Milos

Palaios Pastry

As a counterpoint to all the delicious Greek mezze that Milos has to offer, head to Palaios Pastry. Everything in the shop is homemade, and they offer a variety of traditional Greek desserts.


This unfussy little coffee shop in Pollonia is wonderful for people watching and a world away from the ‘coffee culture’ spots you might be used to in London, LA, Berlin and the like. Closed for the winter season, it reopens come spring. 

What to do in Milos

Firiplaka Beach

Firiplaka is the idyllic sandy beach we all imagine when we think of Greece. Backed by pink-hued cliffs that make for an incredible contrast to the bright blue ocean, you can rent a cabana, a lounge chair or, head down to the ‘clothing optional’ zone and embrace the freedom.
Firiplaka Beach

Kleftiko Caves

Milos was once an island where pirates took shelter after looting ships, and the Kleftiko Caves were some of their favorite places to hide. You’ll need to take a boat to see the caves (check the weather ahead, as they don’t go out if it’s too windy), but it’s 100% worth the trip. We recommend 
 tours, who cater to small groups and tailor a more personalized experience.

Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado is tucked away near Firiplaka, so it’s ideal for a beach-hopping day on the southern part of the island. Prepare for a steep descent down to the sand, but once navigated, it’s a gorgeous sandy cove to spend the afternoon.

Sarakíniko Beach

By far one of the most famous spots in Milos, Sarakiniko is the moonscape beach that you might recognise from photos. White volcanic rocks line the shallow waters, and make for amazing structures to jump off and sunbath on. 
Sarakíniko Beach

Firopotamos Beach

Backed by classic fisherman’s houses, this isn’t a secluded cove, rather a beach to take in the local culture. You’ll be in good company, with Greek tourists getting their dose of Vitamin D on the sand. 

Where to get your hit of culture

Venetian Castle

Built in the 13th century, the well-preserved Venetian Castle is located on the highest peak of the island. Definitely come here for some of the best sunset (or sunrise) views in Milos. 

Klima Village

One of, if not 
 most picturesque village in Milos. An old fishing town that still operates, the houses here are carved into the white rock, and famous for their colorful “boat garage” doors. This is another great place to catch a sunset.


Dating back to between the 1st and 5th centuries, these are the only Christian catacombs in Greece. They are incredibly well preserved and offer a welcome break from the heat of the sun.
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