Jan 28, 2021
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Five Reasons to Visit Berlin by a Founder and Producer

Scott Amenta
 is a bit of a Renaissance man. He’s a New Yorker but is based in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of Berlin. Previously, he worked in business development at 
Get Your Guide
; and he’s now all about building community as the founder of 
Chief of Staff Network
, and 
. Oh, and he produces 
– safe to say, he’s a busy guy. But, not too busy to take the time to share his Berlin tips with us.
Part of our Five Reasons series, here you’ll find the most local of tips – from unique hotels to small businesses and secret spots (we trust you to keep these on the DL). Because we firmly believe there’s no better way to get to know a place than when guided by someone who knows it best.
Read on for Scott’s favorite places to eat, drink, stay, and shop in Berlin.
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
: New York, NYC
 Founder of 
Chief of Staff Network
; I specialize in building communities, leadership, startups, and tech

Five reasons to visit Berlin

The food

You could easily eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 
Brammibal’s Donuts
; the vegan donuts will blow you away, and their coffee is great, too. For me, it’s all about the classic cinnamon sugar, but the salted caramel hazelnut one is pretty special. For a more nutritious lunch or dinner, head over to 
Kanaan Berlin
. The two founders – one from Israel and the other from Palestine – have an amazing mission, to join forces to show the unification of ideologies, while creating world-class vegan and vegetarian dishes inspired by the Middle East.

The hotel

 is a hip, modern hotel, with a unique mix of apartment-style and classic rooms in the heart of Berlin’s Prenzlauer. I often recommend friends stay here as the rooms are spacious, it comes at a great price point and all the best bars and restaurants are just a few steps away.

The store

Berlin has world-class second-hand and vintage shops. I often check out one of the smaller hidden gems, 
, where you’ll find a great rotating selection of vintage for men and women, from well-known luxury designers to niche or up-and-coming names.

The thing to do

If you’re a singer, which I am certainly not, 
Karaoke Im Mauerpark
 is the chance to have your five minutes of fame in Berlin in front of a massive audience. For the non-singers, it’s a just great time – head here on a Sunday afternoon in summer for good tunes and a bit of an outdoor party.

The culture 

There’s always something new going on at 
, an old brewery that now houses a museum, plus a schedule of concerts, beer, and food festivals, independent films, and more. It’s worth checking out the program of events ahead, or just take a chance and see what’s on. 
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