Mar 17, 2020
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Five Reasons to Visit Mexico City's Roma Neighborhood

Despite a surname that suggests otherwise, Eli London, is a New Yorker. He’s now based in the lively barrio of Roma, Mexico City (
 have called it ‘the Williamsburg of Mexico City’), and publishes a weekly roundup newsletter, The Breads. Oh, and he’s an awesome writer and photographer.
Part of our Five Reasons series, here you’ll find the most local of tips – from unique hotels to small businesses and secret spots (we trust you to keep these on the DL). Because, we firmly believe there’s no better way to get to know a place than when guided by someone who knows it best.
Read on for Eli’s favorite places to eat, drink, stay, and shop in Roma, Mexico City.
Eli London
Roma, Mexico City
: New York
 Writer, photographer, and publisher of 
The Breads

Five reasons to visit Roma, Mexico City

The food 

Mexico City is full of delicious food, from street stalls to top-ranked restaurant in the world. 
Expendio de Maiz sin Nombre
 straddles that line perfectly. It’s next to super popular late-night spot Paramo, but is only open until late afternoon. When you arrive, you’ll find a kitchen completely open to the street and two large communal tables. There is no menu at all. You tell them what you’re allergic to and what you hate and the chefs send out corn-based dishes one at a time until you’re full. It’s high-end cuisine, without being stuffy or overly run by tourists. 

The store

On Colima Street, where countless vintage shops call home, 
Erre Vintage
 has a great selection of highly curated vintage clothing. Think band tees, sports jerseys, bad-ass jackets and more. It’s one of the rare vintage spots in Mexico City that has just as good of a selection of menswear as womenswear. Plus much better prices compared to what you would find for comparable items in US vintage hot spots like New York or LA. 

The nightlife

It’s only open on weekends, but 
 is one of the best spots in the city to see DJ sets of all genres. It’s vibey, but not try-hard, and movers and shakers from the creative scene often find themselves at Departamento late night. Get there on the early side, because lines do happen. 

The hotel

A rather small hotel with less than a dozen rooms, 
Casa Goliana
 is perfectly located to easily get around La Roma and Condesa on foot, or quickly get to other parts of the city on the metro or in a car. The crowd is more vacationing couples and hipper business people than young party-goers, which is a good thing in my opinion. It’s impeccably decorated and cozy.

The bar

 is a natural wine bar opened by a Frenchman in south Roma, with a large selection of wines from all over. It’s a rather unique experience because just like Expendio there is no set menu. It’s often just buffet-style healthy and nutritious foods, and pay what you want. However, on Saturdays they have guest chefs who plate out a set menu. The clientele is often a mix of ex-pat writers, creators, and entrepreneurs, with local Mexicans in the same circles mixed in.
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