Dec 27, 2021
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Five Reasons to Visit Amsterdam Oud-West

Rebecca Laurey is based between New York City, Paris, and her home in Oud-West, Amsterdam, where she shares beautiful snippets of her life, style, and journey through motherhood with her 187k+ followers
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. She's an awesome content creator in her own right b has also collaborated with brands such as Hermès and Armani as a social media and brand consultant, digital creator, guest designer, and ambassador. And she recently founded her own digital creative agency,
La Piscine
Part of our Five Reasons series, here you’ll find the most local of tips – from unique hotels to small businesses and secret spots (we trust you to keep these on the DL). Because we firmly believe there’s no better way to get to know a place than when guided by someone who knows it best.
Read on for Rebecca's favorite places to eat, drink, stay, and shop in Oud-West, Amsterdam.
Oud-West, Amsterdam
: Leiden, which is like a miniature Amsterdam, 30-minutes away
 Content creator and founder of digital creative agency
La Piscine

Five reasons to visit Oud-West, Amsterdam

The food

Levain et le Vin
has the best cinnamon buns in town.
is on my street in Oud-West and is so underrated – it's the cutest neighborhood restaurant, with the yummiest food.

The hotel

Pillows Hotel
is reason enough to stay in Oud-West – it's so cozy and extremely chic.

The store

I love the
concept store. I usually pop in once a week or so, to see what’s new. Their kid's store is pretty fun, too.

The thing to do

has an entrance at the end of my street. It’s the greatest luxury – especially when you don’t have an outside area of your own. It feels like my really big backyard, that I just happen to share with other people. I go there every day and in summer, it's
spot for a picnic.

The culture

Kahmann Gallery
is not actually in Oud-West, but it's
good that it warrants a mention here. As we're venturing out of the neighborhood a little, it's also worth visiting the
Stedelijk Museum
, my favorite museum in Amsterdam.
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